Rika M. NovriadiPublic Relation industry has been close to my heart ever since 1990. I was introduced into this industry, starting as a typist at SIMA Public Relations. My big eagerness to learn new things encouraged my superior to give me a chance to work on other things. I was taught on how to identify news, measure editorial value and establish relationship with media colleagues.

After seven years working at SIMA PR, I decided to resign from SIMA PR. However, only three months after I resigned from my work, an offer from my former client encouraged me to take a bravery decision to work from home, or usually called Small Office Home Office (SOHO). God willing, my client base grew, until one day came an offer from Ellipse PR to set up a media relations department.

However, I did not totally leave my SOHO behind, therefore I only asked contract with Ellipse for only two years. I still prioritized my SOHO business. It was enjoyable working from home because I have the flexibility and freedom to allocate my time for working and family.

As my SOHO business was getting bigger, I learnt not to be too greedy. In 2000, I decided to make my SOHO to have a formal identity, called R&R Strategic Communications, in collaboration with my colleague Rosalie Ticman. During my seven years in partnership with Rose, I learnt a lot about the importance of strategy in dealing with competition either at work place or competition in winning clients, media and even competition with myself. Both of us have to work diligently since we are mothers who have kids to take care.

Our own desires to actualize ourselves and also have money from our own work and at the same time take care of our children encouraged us to always work in accordance with our capability and tasks given to each of us. As our partnership is evolving, I and Rose learnt that we have different hopes and desires. Our conviction that we can develop and grow in accordance with our own expertise prompted me and Rose to diversify our business. Rose is currently focusing on Financial PR and I continue my SOHO business that I have started since seven years earlier.

I obtained my communication degree from Prof Dr Moestopo (B) University in Jakarta. However, ever since kindergarten until university level, I took part in various extra-school activities such as theater, marching band, volley.

I secured various non-academic achievements such as first winner in poetry reading for DKI Jakarta level, best majorette in Grand Prix Marching Band in Indonesia for two consecutive years. I also joint as a junior volley ball athlete in DKI and also a player in television drama on TVRI. These experiences gave me ammunition to work and carry on my life like a river flow.

Empathy and sympathy that have been deepening in my life and wealth of experiences allow me to consider myself as a media relations person.

March 31, 2008