Dadang NugrahaFor me, being involved in communication industry for more than 20 years can be considered as solid proof that I’ve been loyal to my profession.

The story began in 1986, when I started working at Radio Prambors as the announcer, producer, off-air creative as well as public relations, before graduated from University of Indonesia — majoring in communications study. Following my graduation in 1988, I then joined the Creative Team at Adforce JWT. After that, I became part of the team whose mission was to re-launch Trijaya FM Radio, and being responsible as the Program Director.

My professional journey led me to a decision to form my own brand agency, teaming up with my colleagues in 1991, called 1525:integrated.

Some brands that I had been handled with variety of projects, such as; Pepsodent, Sunsilk, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Acer, Pelita Air, Selsun, Pediasure, L’Oreal, Nokia, Intel, etc.

Early 2008 I decided to join RikadanRekan Communications (R&R Communications), a Jakarta-based PR agency whose founder is a PR expert with more than 15 years in the industry. Though she has modern thinking she is still a humble Indonesian who still carries her eastern values and norms. I think it is one of the key why R&R keeps going strong amid the expansion of foreign PR agencies in Indonesia.

I face the same challenges, coming from brand agency to PR agency. But, I strongly believe that PR also plays pivotal role in generating a success of a marketing communication campaign, as well as corporate communications.

“Nowadays, consumers are getting smarter and information savvy. They need solid justification and reassurance prior to making their decision in choosing a brand. Therefore, I believe that whatever story that appears in media – as key influencer — about a brand, will also have an impact or two on their decision making.”