Malang, June 14th 2014 = for over a century, NIVEA as a brand of Beiersdorf has given the best skincare product and become an important part of family all over the world, including Indonesia. As a realization, PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, as per today, held the opening of Merbabu Family Park – an open public area of 3924m2 to support the activity of whole family. The procurement of Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) became one of the example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Beiersdorf Indonesia under “NIVEA Cares for Family” which focused on providing opportunities for Indonesian family for a better life. 

“Besides its’ purpose to balance the city air, RTH is also a public area that is increasingly needed as the hub of activities such as exercising, relaxing, or enjoying the freshness of nature together with families. Understanding the situation, PT Beiersdorf and NIVEA Skin Expert as a brand uphold family values through “NIVEA Cares for Family” works closely with Malang City Government to build Merbabu Family Park. It has also become part of our commitment to contribute back to the community,” explains Holger Welters, President Director of PT Beiersdorf Indonesia. Located on Jl. Merbabu, Merbabu Family Park equipped with facilities that are appropriate for the various layers of age; from mini futsal field, jogging track, elderly sports area, children playground, and children’s reading park. The development started with the first tree-planting back on December 2013.Next social program of “NIVEA Cares for Family” is going to be with the development of similar green facility on Jl. Malabar, Malang, on the end of 2014.  

In addition to Board of Directors and employees of PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, the opening of this “garden city for family” were attended by representatives of the public, Malang government officials, as well as the Mayor of Malang City who directly inaugurated the place. “Malang has 17% of RTH out of total 110.6 km2, and still 3% available to reach target, as required by government. We are very grateful for the supportive response provided by PT Beiersdorf Indonesia by establishing Merbabu Family Park. This is in tune with government plan to be able to involved third-party or private company, in building our beloved Malang City,” says H. Moch. Anton, Mayor of Malang.

PT Beiersdorf Indonesia is also directly participate in initial planting of Merbabu Family Park by involving 300 employees from Malang Production Center. “This city has become an important part, as Malang is the only location for Production Center in Indonesia for NIVEA and other Beiersdorf product lineup, Hansaplast. Therefore, we feel obliged to contribute positively to society,” said Anda Suliyono, Production Center Director of PT Beiersdorf Indonesia. 

“Our biggest hope is, so that this initiative is useful especially for families around Malang. PT Beiersdorf Indonesia feels much honored to have the opportunity to help them. Hopefully the initiative of Merbabu Family Park could inspire many people and we could proceed with other areas in Indonesia.